In this video we answer the question:  “How Can I Get More In-bound Links and Back-links to My Website?”


As we’ve been discussing in previous videos, inbound links, often referred to as backlinks, to your site from other, related sites, is good for your SEO.  Of that there’s no question.

But other than simply creating good content and waiting and hoping people find you, what can you do to proactively create your own inbound links?  Glad you asked.

Here are some strategies, as part of a well-rounded inbound linking plan, that you can use to proactively generate and attract quality, relevant, inbound links:

Guest Blogging:

Try reaching out to some relevant blogs that you read and follow and offer to provide them with an original article.

The article should be well-written and informative  and not self-serving or salesy.

In exchange, you can expect to be able to add a link back to your own site as part of the author resource box or writing credit.

To find blogs that allow do-follow links you can check out Do-Follow directory sites such as and

Many blogs do not allow the value of your return link, sometimes referred to as “link juice,” to impact the search engine ranking for reasons too  numerous to get into here but the sites I just mentioned will fully explain the do-follow and no-follow issues in detail.

Blog Commenting:

Not up for writing well-researched and documented blog posts?  A great way to get started blogging and generating backlinks is by commenting on other, related blogs.

Every blog comment you make can include a link back to your own site either from your profile link or within the comment itself.

Again, use the do-follow directory links above to find blogs that definitely allow your “link juice” to flow where you want it to — back to your own site.

Press Releases:

Assuming you have some genuine “news”, press releases are a great way for generating inbound links back to your website.

Many professional press release distribution services like PRWeb or PR Newswire allow you to add multiple keyword links throughout the body of your press release.

When your release gets picked up by Yahoo! News or or other sites with a link back to your site, that can have a huge positive impact on your search engine rankings.

And here’s a great tip.  Make your keyword phrase the actual link, NOT the name of your business.

If people know the name of your business already they’re going to find you.  Remember, SEO is ALL about having people find you for the products or servives you sell when they DON’T already know the name of your business.

So for instance, one of our important keyword phrases is “professional website design company new jersey.”  That’s why when we add a link at the bottom of websites we design, we make sure we make the keyword our link in addition or instead of our name.  That strengthens the association between our keyword phrase, professional website design company new jersey, and our website address,

Article Syndication:

Similar to press release distribution, article syndication via sites such as and others can be used to seed your own links around the Internet.  An added side benefit is that other people and business owners who read these article repository sites can use the content for their own sites provided they keep the author resource box with your link intact, spreading your content and links even further.


While we’ll get into this in much more depth in upcoming videos, using online videos is a great way to generate links back to yourself.  For right now, just set yourself up with a free YouTube channel and watch for future videos on how to optimize your own videos for the search engines.

Social Media:

And last but certainly not least is social media.  Google has given so much weight to social media “shares” “likes” and “tweets” that social media’s impact is really the “new inbound link”  especially with Google Plus, which we discussed in depth in SAQ videos (Why You Should Have  a Google+ Account) 11 and 12 (Why Inbound Links Are Important).

BOTTOM LINE:  Content creation is beneficial for many reasons and none more valuable than for creating inbound links back to your own website.

If you need help with your own inbound linking program please consider working with Samson Media or visit our website for more information.

I hope you found this useful.  Thanks for watching.

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