How Can You Update Your Own Website?

In this video we answer the question:  “How can I update my own website?”


In this video we’re going to answer the question, how can you update your own website.


Back when I began building websites all the way back in the mid-90’s, the only way to update a website was by using a process called file transfer protocol, commonly referred to as FTP.

While FTP was the method you used for actually uploading the changes, the only way to make changes to your website was if you knew some HTML programming.

That all changed with the introduction of WordPress in 2003 and Joomla in 2005.

Both Joomla and WordPress are considered content management systems, or CMS, that allow users to add and modify their own content from a centralized control panel or dashboard.

And there are many other types of CMS systems out there, many of them custom created by programmers, that all share the same basic benefits:  the ability to update and add content yourself without having to know HTML or FTP.

Now, while we build websites in both Joomla and WordPress, we’ve been leaning more and more towards WordPress as it continues to evolve both in terms of its increasingly sophisticated design themes and from its diverse and constantly growing library of plugins.


Plugins are like smart phone apps, in that they are little modules of programming functionality that can be added to a website with just a few clicks.

Need an events calendar that can sell tickets, or a way to mask affiliate links?  There’s a plugin for that.

Want to add a slide show and photo gallery?  There are plugins for that, too.

And did I mention they were free?

That’s right.

WordPress is an open source web publishing platform that is being constantly improved and expanded by a world-wide group of volunteer programmers and developers.

But rather than give you a history of WordPress, let’s just focus on the benefits and what they mean to your business.

With a WordPress or other CMS site you can add and delete text, add and replace images, and easily embed videos.


But one of the things we really love about WordPress is the way the underlying code and architecture makes your website easily indexed by the search engines.  WordPress sites are extremely search engine friendly and will give your own SEO efforts a huge advantage without even doing additional SEO work.

But if you want to take your WordPress site to the next level, SEO-wise, yes, there’s actually several a plugins for that, too!

So while you could build and set up your own hosted WordPress site yourself, as we explained in the last video about why you should have a professional build your website for you, the best of both world’s is to have a professional website developer install, configure and customize the site for you and then teach you how to drive it before giving you the keys.

So in short, the answer to the question, can you update your own website, the answer is an unequivocal YES!

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