How to Add Your WordPress Blog Feed to LinkedIn


In this video we answer the question, “How do you add your WordPress blog feed to your LinkedIn profile?”


You may or may not have noticed but in late 2012, when LinkedIn revamped their layout, they killed the WordPress app that allowed you to import your WordPress blog feed directly into your LinkedIn profile.

Well, they didn’t exactly kill the app so much as redesign your profile so that it was no longer static. Now, when you post or create any activity on LinkedIn at all, including comments, likes and of course, posting your own content, it now appears in this dynamic ACTIVITY area of your profile.

But I loved being able to easily integrate my blog content into my LinkedIn profile so I figured there had to be another way. Well there is. Two ways, in fact. Maybe more, but these are the two that I know and recommend.


In this video we’re going to show you about both ways to add your WordPress blog posts automatically to your LinkedIn activity feed so that every time you publish on your WordPress blog your content will automatially appear on your LinkedIn profile. The first is the Jet Pack plugin and the second is Twitterfeed.


Jetpack-1Okay this is how are you going to use Jet pack to auto post to your  Linkedin profiles. So I typed in WordPress blog app here just in the uh…help center of Linkedin just to show you where I found this information if you want to see for yourself and this is they recommend WordPress by automatic which makes Jetpack.    You click this link. It takes you here. Here’s where you download jet pack okay?

Let me show you my dashboard. I’m already logged in. I have Jetpack already installed.

First thing you have to do is you have to connect yourself to WordPress dot com okay?

Everything gets synced up through word press dot com.

That’s a free site. You login here with your username and password and then once you have that you’d be able to go back to your blog attach your WordPress dot com account here.

Then you have all these different applications within Jetpack. We’re only going to focus on the publicize one. Here you’re going to click configure and you see all the various social media properties that you can connect to but we’re just going to focus on Linkedin.

So here we’re going to add the Linkedin connection. It’s going to ask for permission.

Hit okay

And now when you go to post, this is a post in the publish area here.

Publicize, you see.

You can hit edit and then you can decide if you want to have this automatically post to Twitter, Linkedin or Tumblr —I set it up for all three of these.

And then you hit update and it would automatically post out to those things.

And where it’s gonna appear is here in the activity area of your profile.

See all that?

That’s where the blog posts will appear in your activity profile.

Now please note, it takes at least an hour for it to show up. So don’t worry that if you hit publish on your WordPress blog and you don’t see it appear on your Linkedin profile for a little while it’s because it takes about an hour for uh…I guess the server on wordpress dot com probably to refresh and to push the post through to your Linkedin profile so it’s at leas an hour so don’t worry it will be there.

If you hook in Jetpack this is where blog posts will appear here in your activity feed.


TwitterFeedOkay another way to auto post from your WordPress blog to your Linkedin profile is by using Twitter Feed.

Twitter feed was a little bit of a misnomer because i thought it was just for posting to twitter but it actually posts to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and more, as you can see here.

So here I’m logged into my account you can see i ready have my Linkedin profile in here.

If you don’t, you want to go here and click create new feed and then just follow the prompts okay?

And what you would basically going to do is you’re going to paste in your RSS feed of your blog here, what the name of the the feed is — this is my blog. Let me show you where to find the RSS feed on your own blog, okay?

This is the blog if you notice up here in the browser this is in Firefox you’ll see the same thing on internet explorer or chrome or whatever else you use. Just find this little orange
RSS icon — it lights up and you click it and hit subscribe to feed and this is your feet okay? This is where it’s going to pull the content and you can just copy this URL, right there, you see it? I just highlighted that and you’re going to paste that in here.

You can test the feed. Continue to step two.

Feed was successfully updated. It’s active.

You can authenticate it. Which means it’s just gonna ask for permission to connect.

Authentication successful.

And remember it’s going to appear in the same place here everytime you publish something on your blog.

Unlike Jetpack it doesn’t give you the option to post or not post, everything you post on your WordPress blog feed will appear here, okay, whereas with Jetpack you had control over
you could cherry-pick which blog posts or pages you wanted to go out, but in terms of it’s your business blog I can’t imagine why you’d want to restrict anything from appearing on your on your Linkedin profile assuming that your website represents your business and anyway that’s how you use Twitterfeed to automatically post to your linkedin profile.

So those are two great ways to add your WordPress content back onto your LinkedIn profile.

If you need help setting this up for your profile, please contact Samson Media using the info on your screen.

So that’s how to automatically add your WordPress content to LinkedIn.

Hope you found this useful. Thanks for watching.

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