Should You Use Facebook for Your Business?

In this video we answer the question, “Should you use Facebook for your business?”




In this video we’re going to talk about whether or not you should use Facebook for your business.

I have very mixed feelings about using Facebook for business.

At best it can help to spread your brand message and enable you to engage your prospects and customers where they hang out.  At worst, it can be a wasteful distraction and a time suck.

Before I make my recommendations I’d like to outline a few of the positive things about Facebook that can help your business.


Having a business Facebook account allows you to spread your marketing messages via social media.  By participating on Facebook you tap the power of social media sharing.

What this means is that people who like your Facebook page or interact with your Facebook page by posting comments, questions or suggestions are helping to spread your message for you.

Anything a visitor does on your Facebook page will be seen by all their Facebook followers.

With an average of about 200 friends for each user, you can see how posting relevant, fun, interesting and useful content can quickly spread among hundreds or even thousands of users.
And because your message is being spread by friends among friends, there’s a higher level of trust and engagement.  People tend to trust recommendations more from friends and relatives than perfect strangers, right?


Now everything I just mentioned cuts the other way.  Negative comments and bad reviews can have a disastrous effect on your business. So why chance it, you might ask?

Well, the fact of the matter is that whether you have a Facebook page or not, people are going to say what they say.  Having  a presence on social media in general will allow you to at least monitor the conversation as well as influence it in a positive way.

Soothing an irritated customer’s complaints with a fast response and a positive solution can have huge benefits and win you new fans.  And conversely, by not responding to questions and comments shows people you really don’t have your eye on the ball.


Authenticity is everything in social media, especially on Facebook, so don’t get involved if you’re not willing and able to devote the time and resources necessary to monitor, respond and initiate conversations every day.  Yes, every day.

As you can see, participating in Facebook is not a no-brainer.  So here are my two generalizations about whether or not you should get involved.


First, If you are a business to business company I would pause and think carefully about putting in the time and effort.  A better place to get involved with social media might be LinkedIn.  Not many people on Facebook want to friend a manufacturer, shipping company, or commercial builder.

But if you’re a business to consumer company, where you sell to the population at large, the rewards can be enormous especially in certain areas that are fun, visual and interesting such as music, sports, art, decorating, home furnishings, gardening, pets, cooking, fashion, health, science, relationships, travel and any type of hobby, craft or activity.

Are you a financial planner?  Maybe interesting tidbits about investing.  Real estate broker?  Maybe useful home buying tips for first time buyers.

As you can see, conducting business on Facebook can be time consuming since you have to actually think of, create and post useful content.

Having said that, if your company has a blog, Facbook is a great way to amplify and reinforce existing content so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Non-profits and charities are also well served and can benefit greatly from the added exposure and relationship-building capabilities inherent in social media.

So that’s my take on should you use Facebook for your business.  Hope you found it useful.

Thanks for watching.

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