What is a META Tag?

In this video we’re going to define what is a META tag?



meta_tagsMETA tags are lines of code behind your webpages that work together to reinforce the content  and keywords on your pages.

When the search engines visit your site they read these META tags and it helps them understand  what your site is about and how it should be listed and returned in a search.

META tags consist of three main parts: the title tag, the description tag and the keyword tag.

Years ago, when the Internet and the World Wide Web started, META tags were a very important source of information for letting the search engines know what your website was about.  Today, that’s no longer the case — META tags are a shadow of their former selves for many reasons that I won’t get into here.


But out of the three META tags, the one that is still important in attracting relevant searches to your site is the title tag.

Here’s a quick example:  Many websites are built from templates or by website designers who are unfamiliar with SEO.  As a result, the default META tag for your home page might be something completely useless like “Home” or worse, left blank.

Having the word “Home” as the title tag for your website is as useless as a TV with 100 channels all showing the same show.

What you really want is for vour homepage META tag to include your unique keyword phrases first — even before the name of your business — and be something like, “Professional Website designers and website developers – SamsonMedia,” which might be a title tag that we would use.

We’re at least tipping off the search engines with our tag that our site is about professional website designers and website developers and then the name of our company, which also has search engine value.

The one thing I think you’ve already learned from this series of videos is that properly optimizing your website consists of a series of steps and components.  Using the proper META tags is the most basic form of SEO for getting your house in order.


So before I go you may be wondering how do you see your META tags or the META tags of your competitors or any website, really?  It’s very easy.

If you’re using a Windows computer you can right click on any webpage with your mouse and one of the menu options you’ll see is VIEW PAGE SOURCE.  With a MAC, at the top of your browser is a menu option that says VIEW.  Select VIEW and then PAGE SOURCE and you can see all the code for that page including the META tags which are usually at the top, which is also why META tags still have some SEO value since the search engines index websites from the top down.

So there’s a bit more to it, but for the purposes of this brief video, that’s what META tags are, where they are, and why they should not be ignored.

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