Why Inbound Links Are Important for Your SEO and Your Business

In this video we answer the question: “Why are inbound links important for my SEO?”

Why inbound Links are Important?

In this video we’re going to explain why getting inbound links to your website is important for your SEO.

If you’ve been watching our entire video series so far, you are well aware of the value of a good search engine optimization strategy.

In addition to all the things we’ve discussed that can improve your SEO, such as the importance of social media and having the proper META tags and keywords on your site, one of the most important criteria for getting higher search engine rankings is the number of quality links to your website from other, related, websites.

Noticed I said “quality” and “related”.

But before we define what quality and related links are, let me start by telling you why the search engines, especially Google, value inbound links in the first place.

Links = Authority, Relevancy & Timeliness

Mainly, links to your website from other websites are considered votes of confidence and authority.  When the search engines crawl your website one of the main factors they use to judge the relevancy and authority of your site is by how many related websites link to you.

The rationale is that if a site is linking to your site, you must have content worthy of sharing or linking to.  Makes sense, right?

This brings me back to the quality of the inbound links.

Not All Links Are Created Equal

If you’re website is about your lawn care business, links from sites about gardening, in-ground sprinkler systems and tree care would be considered relevant, quality, links, because they are related to your overall business topic.  Links from automotive sites or sites about anti-aging skin creams, not so much.

This goes back to what we discussed in video four, that your first objective as an Internet marketer is to create content that is worthy of being shared in the first place.  You want to generate website content on an ongoing basis that enlightens and informs and is useful so that people will want to link to it.  But getting people to find your content, let alone link to it, is hard and can take a long time.

That’s why we recommend accelerating your own link building efforts by proactively distributing your content to various places around the Internet that are separate from your own website such as social media outlets that contain a link back to your own site.

We’ll explain in a future video how to get more inbound links and what types of links to avoid as well as why reciprocal link swaps are no longer effective.

But to recap: getting inbound links to your site from other related sites is an important part of your SEO mix because the search engines such as Google consider every link to your site a sign of your website’s authority in your respective area of expertise.  Every link back to your site is a vote of confidence.

So that’s why inbound links are important to your SEO and your business.  Thanks for watching.


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