Why You Should Have a Google+ Account

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If you’ve made it it this far in our video SEO series congratulations.

The first ten videos you watched were FAQs, or Frequently asked questions, while this video is the first in our 10 part SAQs series, or Should Ask Questions.

These SAQs will be a bit more advanced and show some actual examples and screen shots and give links and more details than our FAQs.

This first SAQ deals with Google Plus, and it’s very positive impact on your SEO.


As we’ve been saying, social media signals are now one of the more leading forces in gaining more search engine traffic to your website and probably none more valuable than Google Plus.

There are enormous SEO benefits that Google granted to their own social network, not available on Facebook, Twitter.

And as we’ve said before, Google is the industry leader in search, and has increased their share of total worldwide searches to 70% according to Comscore in late 2012.

Their competitors have complained about Google’s unfair advantage but ignore all that talk because for now, why not back a winner?

And if Google says having and using a Google Plus account is good for your SEO, then use that to your advantage.

Here’s why:  plus ones are considered “follow” links.

This is huge. Unlike Facebook “likes” or Twitter “follows” Google “plus ones” actually become active follow links in your Google+ profile.

What that means is when someone “plus ones” your company website, blog post, product on your site, etc., Google will consider that an incoming link to your site.

As we touched on in past videos and as we’ll get into in greater detail in upcoming SAQs, the more inbound links to your site, the better.

In short, getting Google Plus ones to your site has all the SEO value you could want. All Links are considered “follow” links, which is even better then Facebook likes and tweets which have social media value, but not much inbound link value.

With so much SEO value coming from inbound links, it’s important to get as many people to “plus one” your company as possible.

Here’s the bottom line: encourage as many “plus ones” from on your blog posts and page content as possible as those will become followed backlinks!


Here’s how to do it for a regular website and a WordPress website.

First, you should sign up for your own Google Plus account by going here and following the instructions:


To add Google Plus button to a regular website, vist this page on Google  grab the code and paste whereever you want to put the Google Plus button.

To add to WordPress, there’s several plugins, of course, which is another reason why we continue to love WordPress.

And you just add the plugin once, follow the prompts and you can get a handy dandy Google Plus button on the bottom of ALL your posts automatically without having to add it each time.

And that’s why you should have a Google Plus account.

Hope you found it useful. Thanks for watching.


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