Why Your Business Needs a Blog

In this video we answer the question: “Why Does Your Business Need a Blog?”

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

blog-w.mouseIn this video we’re going to discuss why your business needs a blog and how it improves your SEO.  And as we’ve been saying throughout this video series, improving your SEO should have a direct benefit to your bottom line as people find what your business has to offer after doing an online search.

So always keep sight of the end game — more relevant search engine traffic to your website will increase the amount of warm leads and prospects who find out about your business and its offerings.

And remember, as we’ve also been saying, social media participation is a now a large component of how search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing will rank your site.

The more social media participation going in and out of your site, the higher your website will be ranked.

But the largest problem that a lot of businesses have regarding social media is what to say.


Blogging is really the key.  Here’s why:

Having an area of your site where you can post informative and educational content and articles about the problems your target customers face and the solutions that you offer to solve those problems is key.

These days, using a content management system like WordPress means that your website is your blog and your blog is your website.  There’s no longer a reason to distinquish between the two.

You should consider your website and the blog area of your website, the hub of ALL your social media activity.

Sample types of blog content might include:

  • New product announcements
  • Product reviews
  • Pictures from Industry events and trade shows
  • Announcements of Employee hires
  • Discussions of new rules and regulations effecting you and your clients
  • Product demonstrations
  • Frequently asked questions with answers?

The possibilities are endless and can include any combination of text, photos, videos, PDFs, etc.


But the point is this:  by posting one new blog post a week, and we’re not talking War and Peace here, it can be as simple as a photo caption and a paragraph, you can use that single blog post to create 5 Tweets on Twitter and one or two Facebook posts a week that you also repeat on Google plus and LinkedIn.

Then once a month, send out an email compilation of 4 blog excerpts and now you’ve got your email marketing covered, too.

Get it!  This is what content marketing is all about.  Your blog should be the homebase or hub of all your social media and email marketing activities.

Use all your social media accounts as your private broadcast system to send your messages out far and wide.  Remember, the people you want to reach all consume information in their own way so someone who follows you on Facebook may never see you on Twitter and visa versa.  They may not get your emails but they might be connected with you on LinkedIn.   So make sure you cover all your bases by being in as many places as possible.

And make sure every single one of your social media posts includes a link back to the original, full post on your website where visitors interested in reading more will be exposed to all the rest of your offerings.

And also keep in mind that blogs are inherently search engine friendly and very easy for the search engines to read and index. Blogs also allow you to easily add social media sharing tools which, as you learned in previous videos, is extremely important to your SEO success.

So that’s why your business needs a blog.  Hope you found it useful.

Thank you for watching.

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